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Zuma reprieve will undermine the foundation of our democracy

I was shocked to read that the NPA is seriously considering dropping corruption and fraud charges against Jacob Zuma.

To protect the country’s likely-to-be president in this way will be an unmitigated disaster for South Africa and our nascent democracy, for the ANC and for Zuma himself.

The National Prosecuting Authority, one of the most important institutions of our criminal justice system, will be perceived to have bowed to political pressure.

This will fuel the view that justice is not done in a country buffeted by excessive levels of crime and corruption.

It will, in a stroke, undermine the very foundation of our democracy: that all are equal before the law.

It will make a mockery of any attempts by an ANC-led government to combat corruption at all levels of the state.

And it will send a message to investors that our legal system is malleable to political whim, thereby increasing the risk premium of doing business in South Africa.

But, most important of all, it will jettison the moral fabric of our country and its ruling party, onto the stinking slagheap of the arms deal and its cover-up, Oilgate and its cover-up, Travelgate and its cover-up, the Chancellor House fiasco and the unconscionable release of Schabir Shaik.

And let us not forget the even greater moral failings of the years of Aids denialism.

The NPA’s reputation will be shot.

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